Because it does matter what’s inside. And what’s around it.

There are almost as many opinions about dog food as there are dog breeds. But one thing is clear to us: artificial preservatives are not healthy for our four-legged friends. That’s why we make our own dog treats fresh every day with natural ingredients from the region – from organic minced-meat cottage-cheese crispies to our vegan amuse-bouches. And so that the gourmet food can also be served attractively, we also create designer packaging to please dog owners.

“You are what you eat”, a wise biped once said. But this is just as true for dogs. A balanced diet forms the basis for their vitality and health. And if you value sustainable and regional production for yourself, you should certainly not compromise when it comes to your four-pawed, faithful companion.

Everything for a carefree dog life

In the course of our years of experience of dogs and lovingly preparing snacks, we have discovered which high-quality, natural ingredients “man’s best friend” needs to live a long, carefree dog’s life.

amuses bouches

Homemade with love, our “amuse bouches” are a promise for pampered doggy palates.

Eye candy for bipeds

With a flair for design and a love of detail, we create cool designer packaging.

Festive cheer

Just in time for Christmas, you will find some of our products as a sweet seasonal edition.