Because dogs touch our heart

Dogs give us joy. We want to say thank you for that by making little doggie dreams come true: every day we do our best to produce the most delicious “treats” for them. After all, the way to a dog’s heart is through the stomach.

Baking is our passion. That’s why we’ve also “gone dog-mad” when it comes to baking. As pioneers, we started a few years ago with homemade dog treats. We still prepare them in our kitchen at home. A lot of work, into which a lot of love flows.

Packaging with a (bow-)wow effect

We are only really satisfied when dog owners also experience a (bow-)wow effect. That’s why we give free rein to our creativity and design packaging that is an eye-catcher for owners. Good design is simply a must. And who knows: maybe some dogs find it a feast for the eyes too?

We source some of the packaging in Germany, but have it printed in Switzerland.

Our customers